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Kelly Callaway

Kelly's story

Kelly has always been creative. She excelled early at expressing herself visually through art.  At the age of 7 she began to formally take art lessons from various instructors, all who inspired her in different ways.  

At the age of 10 she shifted her creative focus from painting to fashion design. She began sketching fashion croquis and filled sketchbook after sketchbook with all of her creative ideas.  With so many desing ideas, the next step for her was to actually take her sketches and turn them into real clothes.  

Luckily for her, her mother was a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in NY.  She was able to teach Kelly how to drape on a dress form and how to create patterns from the desings she draped.

Her next lesson was sewing, she had to be able to put the pattern pieces together in order to create the finished garment.  Her first few designs were ones that she made for herself, but she quickly realized her vision for fashion was bigger than just designing for a "pre-teen"...her style and vision was far beyond that of what a typical 11 year old would wear.

Designing became her passion, and despite her age she was determined to show the world her vision for the bold and modern designs she creates.  

She debuted on the runway at Phoenix Fashion Week in October of 2016.  She was 11 years old!  The youngest designer to have ever shown on the runway!

In March of 2017 she followed that collection up with a full collection on the runway at Kansas City Fashion Week.

In Fall of 2017, she once again showed at Phoenix Fashion Week.  

Shortly after that show, she was selected as a semi-finalist in Charleston's Fashion Week Emerging Designer Competition.  She was their youngest designer that they had ever selected for their competition.  She was 12 years old and competed against some of the best emerging fashion designers in the country (Including a finalist from Project Runway!) She showed at Charleston Fashion Week in Spring of 2018.  And she was selected as a finalist in the competition!

Her most recent runway show brought her back to Phoenix Fashion Week in Fall of 2019. 

As her design business grows she will continue to update the site with her most recent collections.

If you are interested in a custom design please reach out to Kelly to request a consultation.

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Kelly is currently doing custom design projects for clients.  If you are interested in collaborating with her on a design, please contact her and she will schedule a consultation with you.