Kelly's Story

Kelly has always been a creative soul.  She excelled early at expressing herself visually through art.  At the age of 7 she began to formally take art lessons from various instructors, all who inspired her in different ways.  

He artwork style is is fun and upbeat.  And her inspirations change daily...from her dog "Hazel" to the beautiful landscapes of the desert that surrounds her.  She likes to take the "everyday" and to look at it from a different perspective.

She hopes that her artwork will inspire others to pursue their dream of be being creative and expressing themselves through their own artwork.

She has more recently shifted her creative focus to fashion design.  Her mom has been her mentor as she took her sketches and converted them into wearable garments.  Her mother graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology in NY with a degree in Fashion Design and taught her at a young age how to drape on a dress form.  Kelly learned to create patterns from the dress form and then how to sew and make her concept "come alive".  She started making clothes for herself, but quickly realized her vision for fashion was bigger than just designing for herself...

Following her passion she was determined to show the world her talent and vision for the bold and modern designs she creates.  She was excited to make her debut on the runway at Phoenix Fashion Week in October of 2016.  And then on March 29th 2017, she presented her first full collection on the runway at Kansas City Fashion Week!  We are in the process of updating her site, so stay tuned!  She has a lot more to share with you in the coming months!

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